Top 3 Tips To Make More Money Driving Rideshare

Top 3 Tips To Make More Money Driving Rideshare
May 6, 2017 Ryan Goodman
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1. Stick to the Basics for Tips

A clean vehicle, warm welcome, and convenience items like cell phone charger, water, and gum go a very long way. Now that most rideshare providers like Uber and Lyft provide tipping, your least path of resistance to make more money per ride is providing good customer service.

2. Surge Time Tricks

There are a number of ticks that vary in effectiveness as rideshare companies change their surge algorithms. One trick multiple drivers have reported is signing off the app while driving toward known areas with lots of passengers during typical surge times. Surge times are all about supply and demand, so signing out artificially limits the supply of drivers.

We have numerous reports where drivers get burned chasing surge pricing so this may vary by geography.

3. Promote your own Business

Check out this article in Forbes about a driver who is making $250,000 promoting his business. If you are an experienced and tactful sales person who owns a business, rideshare is a great way to work on your pitch BUT could rub your passengers the wrong way. That is why we are here to help! As an independent contractor, you are completely within your rights to sell anything you like. Just don’t alienate your passengers doing so!

Check out our in-vehicle advertising options for business owners.

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