Network Marketing’s Risks and Rewards for Rideshare Drivers

Network Marketing’s Risks and Rewards for Rideshare Drivers
May 5, 2017 Ryan Goodman
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Have you read the story about the lady in California who makes 250K+ selling jewelry while driving a rideshare? The biggest challenge for self-employed drivers who want to make money selling other services and products is the time and cost to create the business.

Network marketing is a perfect opportunity to make additional income BUT it requires an experienced, seasoned sales person.

What is network marketing?

Network marketing, or multi-level marketing, has been around for a long time. The top multi-level marketing companies offer health and beauty products (Avon, Mary Kay).

Today, there are more opportunities to sell subscription products like nutritional supplements and wine. Unlike an online subscription that you can buy on the web, network marketing relies on a network of sellers to sell products and onboard new sellers.

There are a number of good network marketing companies with great products, but you should do your research.

Network selling is for power-sellers

If you have a gift to gab and have experience selling, network marketing could be a great way to make money. Multi-level sales compensation plans have a  pyramid shape, but should not be confused with illegal pyramid schemes.

At Rideshare Sellers we have a number of drivers who work for network marketing businesses and look forwarding to sharing some of those stories.