Ride Share Engagement and Analytics Platform

Plug and Play your Brand's Product/Service through SeatSCAN and Distribute to Rideshare Sellers Network

SeatSCAN is your gateway to engage rideshare passengers through targeted, in-vehicle advertising. SeatSCAN is a display and digital advertising platform designed to engage passengers through print and digital displays owned by our Rideshare Sellers network. Push campaigns through SeatSCAN online to drive higher engagement and segment based on geography, time, and demographics.


With SeatSCAN designer, you can create targeted messaging and offers based on geography, time of day, and demographics. You provide the content, and SeatSCAN distributes it to our Rideshare Sellers network.


Through dedicated Rideshare Sellers network and our soon to be released app, you can  work with us to grow customer engagement, increase conversions, and measure results with our secured analytics.


Built from the ground up for analytics, our team’s focus is growing your reach, building amazing experiences for your customers, and giving you the knowledge you need to build effective campaigns.

Driver Owned Businesses

SeatSCAN is currently open to all driver owned businesses.

Coming Soon – Ad Exchange

Learn more about our upcoming add exchange, allowing most businesses connect with Rideshare Seller drivers.

Geo Targeting

Target customers anywhere nationwide. Narrow audiences down by state, city, or even within miles of a destination.

Built for Analytics

Detailed analytics identify when, where, and who engages with your advertisements.

A/B Testing Made Simple

Tweak your ad message across multiple geographies / times and compare performance.

Engaging Experiences

Work with our team to entertain riders and increase engagement with your brand.

Growing Driver Network

Share advertising opportunities to drivers and build brand loyalty.

Scan, Text, and Link

Leverage our cloud designer to instantly deliver ads that link back to any URL to our driver network.