An New Innovative Approach to Drive Traffic to your Business

Create and deliver ads to Uber and Lyft passengers through our SeatSCAN in vehicle “ridevertising” solution.

Why Rideshare Sellers?

We are building a network of passionate, business savvy drivers who can help elevate your product, service, or event through our headrest offer delivery solution. Rideshare Sellers is working to build a new, exciting channel to engage riders and deliver traffic directly to your website through scanning, SMS, and URL based delivery. Sign up today to be first to work with Rideshare Sellers network.

Design, Distribute & Convert

With SeatSCAN designer, you can create targeted messaging and offers and deliver to riders in selected regions. You provide the content and SeatSCAN distributes it to our Rideshare Sellers network.

Analyze, Track, & Experiment

Built from the ground up for analytics, our team’s focus is growing your reach, building amazing experiences for your customers, and giving you the knowledge you need to build effective campaigns.

How it Works

Driver Owned Businesses

Businesses & Advertisers

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Geo Targeting

Target offers to rideshare passengers by geography.

Built for Analytics

Detailed analytics identify when and where passengers view your advertisements.

Experiment and Monitor

Experiment across multiple geographies and compare performance results.

Ambassador Program

Build driver loyalty through our upcoming driver champion program.

Growing Driver Network

Share advertising opportunities to drivers and build brand loyalty.

Scan, Link, and SMS

Leverage our cloud designer to instantly deliver ads that link to your web site