Advanced Sales and Marketing Tips for Rideshare Drivers

Advanced Sales and Marketing Tips for Rideshare Drivers
May 5, 2017

In this article, I wanted to highlight some basic tips for any rideshare driver looking to offer a product or service to their passengers.

Sell yourself

Every rideshare driver can ask a passenger how they are doing and where they are headed as an icebreaker. A smile, eye contact, and a positive demeanor go a very long way to connect with your passenger to get a good review and open the door for a potential conversation about your product.

Monitor the demeanor of your passenger

Profile based on the information you have- When a passenger enters your vehicle, you know very little about them based on their appearance alone. Someone who is on the phone, closes their eyes, or is with other passengers may not be in the mood to hear what you have to offer.

Positioning and Selling

Selling your product or service is all about fit. If you are offering guitar repairs or lessons, asking someone if they play guitar is a natural first question. You are not going to offend your passenger.

Avoid a hard sell

There is a time and place to hard sell a product or service. Unfortunately a rideshare is not one of them because your passenger is more likely to leave your vehicle feeling annoyed and alienated. Additionally, crossing the line to ask for your passenger’s information opens the doors for bad reviews. Any sale needs to be a natural conversation and that takes time and refinement.

Passive selling through advertising

The challenges of selling any product in a rideshare can be challenging unless you have been blessed with the gift to sell. That is the role of advertising and marketing to help bring customers to you.

How do you market and sell within your vehicle?

That’s where we are here to help! Sign up to join our free Rideshare Sellers network, allowing you to advertise and sell .

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