Make More Money While Driving with In-Vehicle “Ridevertising”

TC Disrupt 2018 Top Pick

Rideshare Sellers was honored to be invited as a TechCrunch Top Pick for Transportation and Mobility.

Rideshare Sellers lets users advertise in the back of Ubers

Rideshare Sellers has created a platform that allows businesses to advertise in the back of Ubers and Lyfts

Posted by TechCrunch on Friday, September 14, 2018

Replace Business Cards with Headrest Ads. Watch your Business Grow!

SeatSCAN app is now available for FREE to all drivers (Uber, Lyft, etc) who operate their own business. We want to help photographers, artists, insurance agents, personal trainers, and all other entrepreneurial drivers make more money!  Learn More

    • Cheaper replacement for business cards
    • FREE prints sent to your doorstep 
    • Create advertisements online in minutes
    • Visual ads that help spark conversations with riders
    • Built in URL and barcode direct riders to your website
    • Track when and where riders show interest
    • Learn best best practices to get more scans

As of late 2021, we discontinued access to SeatScan designer.

Free Prints for All Rideshare Sellers Headrest Owners

We are thrilled to announce free prints for all Rideshare Sellers headrest cover owners!

New Driver Rating Inserts for Headrest Covers

New driver rating cards will ship with RideshareSellers headrest covers. Join us on Facebook and let us know what you think!

New SeatSCAN 2.0 Designer

When we launched the SeatSCAN ad designer, we wanted to get it on the web early and continue to refine it while working with drivers.

RideshareSellers Selected as TC Top Pick for Disrupt 2018

We are honored to be selected as a TechCrunch Top Pick for Disrupt 2018 for Mobile / Transportation category. At TCDisrupt we unveiled SeatSCAN 2.0!