New SeatSCAN 2.0 Designer

New SeatSCAN 2.0 Designer
August 25, 2018 Ryan Goodman

New SeatSCAN 2.0 Designer

When we launched the SeatSCAN ad designer, we wanted to get it on the web early and continue to refine it while working with drivers. Spending hours with drivers clicking through the designer screens gave us lots of ideas and helped us understand the common needs and challenges.

We are putting the finishing touches on an overhauled design, user experience, and embedded help. Here is what you can expect as we roll out new features over the next month.

New Driver Owned Business Dashboard

We have a new basic driver dashboard first on the release schedule that helps answer some of the common questions you have as drivers and advertisers.

  • Where are passengers scanning
  • What time of day and what days result in the most scans?
  • What advertisements are performing best this week, month, year?

Those 3 questions are easily answered with our new dashboard.

Overhauled Offer / Advertisement Designer

We have carefully reviewed every step of the offer / advertisement creation process and fine tuned the design to be more intuitive, educational, and useful. Additionally, we are opening up more options to fine tune ad templates and recommend best practices to ensure you build impactful ads.

We will start posting updates in early September and sending email notices to existing SeatSCAN users.