About Rideshare Sellers Network

Rideshare Sellers is a driver network and in vehicle offer exchange that we refer to as “ridevertising.” Our goal is to create a community and system of trust to connect drivers, passengers, and businesses. Rideshare Sellers was originally created to help drivers who own their own business to tastefully advertise and make more money while driving for services like Uber and Lyft. The the driver is at the center of our universe, so as we expand our network and advertising solution, SeatSCAN, we are thrilled to work with the rideshare community to put more money in driver’s pockets.

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Our Mission

Empower Rideshare drivers to be successful entrepreneurs

Every driver is a contractor with unlimited potential as an entrepreneur. An important goal and cornerstone of Rideshare Sellers is using our growth and network affect to help causes that matter to us and drivers.

Social Responsibiltiy

Our goals to grow Rideshare Sellers will create amazing opportunities to reach consumers in a new medium. We want to use this channel to raise awareness social causes that are important to our team, and drivers.

Our Social Responsibility Focus

Our Offerings

Our in vehicle advertising (which we often refer to as “ridevertising”) is in pilot in cities around the US.  SeatSCAN is currently available for drivers who run and operate their own businesses. Drivers can design, print, and place printed offers on the back of a headrest covers (available for $9 on Amazon). From the printed ad, drivers can track riders who scan or visit the URL. We provide everything drivers need as a turn key solution.

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Our simple headrest cover solution is the starting point for our ambitious plans to transform Rideshare Sellers into a nationwide in-vehicle affiliate network. Our goal is to build a platform of trust between drivers and advertisers.

If you are interested in upcoming advertising opportunities, please visit our advertisers page or contact us directly.

A few words from our founder…

I started Rideshare Sellers originally to help drivers who own their own business. Music instructors, DJs, authors, creators, even dentists drive Uber and Lyft part time. I LOVE working with people who are passionate about their own businesses. Having hundreds of conversations with business owners, I knew I could help!

I rolled up my sleeves to create a simple solution that combines the simplicity of a headrest cover with digital tracking.

This is a passion project that is picking up steam and has unlimited potential for growth. I am excited to grow the Rideshare Seller network with you so feel free to contact me direct anytime at:

Twitter @rmgoodm | FB Page | Email Me

What's New?

Free Prints for All Rideshare Sellers Headrest Owners

We are thrilled to announce free prints for all Rideshare Sellers headrest cover owners!

New Driver Rating Inserts for Headrest Covers

New driver rating cards will ship with RideshareSellers headrest covers. Join us on Facebook and let us know what you think!

New SeatSCAN 2.0 Designer

When we launched the SeatSCAN ad designer, we wanted to get it on the web early and continue to refine it while working with drivers.

RideshareSellers Selected as TC Top Pick for Disrupt 2018

We are honored to be selected as a TechCrunch Top Pick for Disrupt 2018 for Mobile / Transportation category. At TCDisrupt we unveiled SeatSCAN 2.0!