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Head Rest Cover with Advertising

3 Tricks To Sell Services to your Riders

As consumers we are inundated with advertising everywhere we go. However, as a driver, you have a key advantage to build a face-to-face connection that online, display, and multimedia advertising can't accomplish. If you provide a service (instructor, trainer, insurance agent, etc), here are some tricks to win business: 1. Know your audience, be passionate, but NEVER pushy Your passion for what you [...]

SeatSCAN Reviewed on RideSharingWorld.com

At Rideshare Sellers, we LOVE connecting with a passionate and experienced rideshare driver community. One of those members, Joseph Giannotti, runs RideSharingWorld.com, so we jumped at the chance to get him into SeatSCAN to take an in-depth look took at what we are up to. We were thrilled to see his first offerings created in SeatSCAN. Like us, Joseph is […]

New SeatSCAN Updates for April

This week, we are rolled out a minor update of SeatSCAN for our Rideshare Sellers. The goal of SeatSCAN is to give drivers a free, simple tool to promote their business, blog, or request 5 stars. The first version of SeatSCAN was released very early in it’s life cycle, so we had carefully selected users who are very patient. We still have […]

Tax Deductions for Rideshare Drivers

It’s that time of year again! April 18 is right around the corner, so its time to pull together paperwork and prepare your annual taxes. As a rideshare driver, you are a 1099 contractor, meaning you are not an employee of your rideshare operator like Uber or Lyft. Rideshare Sellers is not qualified to give tax advice, so I enlisted the help of our CPA and tax […]