New SeatSCAN Updates for April

New SeatSCAN Updates for April
April 6, 2018 Ryan Goodman

This week, we are rolled out a minor update of SeatSCAN for our Rideshare Sellers. The goal of SeatSCAN is to give drivers a free, simple tool to promote their business, blog, or request 5 stars. The first version of SeatSCAN was released very early in it’s life cycle, so we had carefully selected users who are very patient.

We still have lots of work to make this as simple as possible and go above and beyond to help explain how each input works.

Here are some of the key features we have added.

1. Image lookup

A lot of drivers who offer services do not have a library of stock images and advertisements. So we decided to bring royalty free images into SeatSCAN designer. In addition to custom images or custom ads, we now provide a search box to look through Pexels library for magery which you can use for free.

2. Print / Download Ads

We added a print and download option that ensures the size and layout will perfectly fit the RideShare Sellers headrest cover. We still recommend using a photo printing service like Amazon Photos over printing at home (to avoid summer heat causing ink transfer). The next step is automating this process for drivers, so we hope to get there soon!

Other updates coming in April…

This month we have important updates to SeatSCAN coming up:

  1. Social login and registration – We are going to streamline the sign up process to a few clicks, including using Facebook or Google based registration. Our social login will only capture email address to simplify the sign up process.
  2. Improved template designs – We have our designer and engineers working together to streamline text layout, fonts, and offer more choices out of the box for readability and good aesthetics
  3. New guided assistance – Our goal is to walk drivers and soon advertisers through the entire process of creating an offer, so the first step will be something we call “guided assistance.” We can’t wait to share it with you!

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