3 Tricks To Sell Services to your Riders

3 Tricks To Sell Services to your Riders
May 22, 2018 Ryan Goodman

As consumers we are inundated with advertising everywhere we go. However, as a driver, you have a key advantage to build a face-to-face connection that online, display, and multimedia advertising can’t accomplish. If you provide a service (instructor, trainer, insurance agent, etc), here are some tricks to win business:

1. Know your audience, be passionate, but NEVER pushy

Your passion for what you do is your greatest asset and will always shine through. However, as many drivers have experienced, passion can be overbearing for some riders. Your rideshare provides a unique opportunity to connect with riders who could become your next customer.

2. Eliminate Negative Stigma with Drivers Selling Services 

If your service offering or product is so great , why are you driving for Uber or Lyft?

Right or wrong, this is a stigma and barrier to winning business from your passengers. There are countless reasons “WHY” you may drive for Uber, Lyft, or any other rideshare service.

If you have an interested rider who is asking questions about your offering/service you can explain as follows:

“Driving for Uber / Lyft in a specific area a great way to network, meet potential clients, and share your business”.  A smart rider will rationalize that your rideshare driving has nothing to do with the quality of your service and even could make an assumption that you are a savvy marketer/business person.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not a statement that you should ever lead with, unless your rider has shared some level of interest.


3. Let your headrest spark a conversation

The benefit of using a free solution like SeatSCAN and headrest covers, is allowing riders to engage and ask questions. Riders do NOT want to be “sold to”. However, if you offer a service that a rider needs, you have a window of opportunity to win new business. Our fundamental belief is that a well designed offer will do the ice breaking for you.

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