Rideshare Sellers is a driver network and in-vehicle advertising solution. Rideshare sellers was originally created to help self employed Uber and Lyft drivers (personal trainers, insurance agents, massage therapists, photographers, etc) share their business with passengers using scannable headrest cover advertisements. Rideshare Sellers platform, SeatSCAN allows drivers and advertisers to design, publish, and print offers, to be displayed on their headrest. Passengers can scan, visit a URL, and SMS the code displayed on every SeatSCAN offer, so drivers and advertisers know when and where passengers show interest.

On Sept 5 Rideshare Sellers will announce it’s new  in vehicle offers platform, SeatSCAN, allows advertisers to create and publish offers.

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Social Responsibility

Our mission is to empower drivers to be socially responsible entrepreneurs. Whether drivers are business owners or drivers become affiliate advertisers using SeatSCAN, we think social responsibility should be baked into the DNA of every business no matter what stage or size. We have a unique opportunity through our driver network and technology to use our reach to raise awareness early in our business lifecycle. Because suicide is the second highest reason for death in young adults aged 15-24 and 10th among all ages, we are focused at Rideshare Sellers at raising awareness and doing our part to help destigmatize mental health. LEARN MORE