Create In Vehicle Ads for Free with SeatSCAN

Step 1: Captivate your Rider's Attention

Chose an image background from our stock photo library or import your own image with your branding and logo.

Step 2: Make an Offer they Can't Refuse

Enter your  headline, advertisement text, and offering information, which is overlaid on top of your image.

Step 3: Send Riders to your Website

Direct riders directly to your website or offer page Enter your URL which is transformed into a barcode and shortened URL

Place your Ads on your Headrest. Watch your Business Grow!

SeatSCAN app is now available for FREE to all drivers (Uber, Lyft, etc) who operate their own business. We want to help photographers, artists, insurance agents, personal trainers, and all other entrepreneurial drivers make more money!  Learn More

    • Cheaper replacement for business cards
    • FREE prints sent to your doorstep 
    • Create advertisements online in minutes
    • Visual ads that help spark conversations with riders
    • Built in URL and barcode direct riders to your website
    • Track when and where riders show interest
    • Learn best best practices to get more scans