Headrest Cover Install Instructions

Step 1

After unpacking your headrest you will need to prepare an advertisement. We provide access to a free tool called SeatSCAN where we guide you through the process to create ads that your passengers can scan.

Step 2

Flip the headrest cover inside out.

Step 3

Carefully insert the advertisement upside down. We recommend a 4″x6″ advertisement to fit nicely inside the cover.

Step 4

Flip the headrest cover inside out, and adjust the advertisement so it is straight.

Step 5

Pull the headrest cover over the headrest. It may be a snug fit, but the elastic is designed to fit a variety of shapes and sizes. You do NOT need to remove your headrest for this step.

Head Rest Cover with Advertising

Step 6

Make small adjustments to get the right fit so the angle is readable by the passenger.

NOTE: If the headrest does not fit your headrest, please contact our team by email, contact form.

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